Slovenian Istria - In Your Pocket 2013-2014 коллектив авторов НАУЧНО-ПОПУЛЯРНОЕ


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НАУЧНО-ПОПУЛЯРНОЕ Slovenian Istria - In Your Pocket 2013-2014 коллектив авторов. Название: Slovenian Istria 2013/2014Автор: коллектив авторовИздательство: In Your PocketСтраниц: 40Формат: PDF (OCR)Размер: 5 МбЯзык: АнглийскийГод издания: 2013Even amongst Slovenes the phrase ‘I’m going to the coast’ more often than not refers to a trip south across the Schengen border to the EU’s newest member state Croatia. Put in the proper perspective this is entirely understandable, as not only were Slovenia and Croatia part of the same country just over two decades ago, but the Croatian mainland and its numerous islands cover some 5,835km of Mediterranean coast, which makes Slovenia’s 47km (or 46.6km to be exact) somewhat comical in comparison. However, to quote one of the many proverbs attributed to the great philosopher Plato: ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, and since the current national borders were established following the Second WorldWar, Slovenia has made the most of what it was left with, giving it what is in our not so humble opinion centimetre for centimetre the finest coastline in the world!

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